What is introducing broker (IB)

Introducing Broker refers to the company or individual who introduces customers to Capstone and recommends customers to Capstone on a global scale, so that IBs can get corresponding commissions every week.
Becoming an IB can earn a commission of up to $50 per standard lot and is free of registration costs. As an IB, you can work in any place or any time, even via the website or various we media to promote and serve your customers.
You can also leverage many of Capstone's existing advertising materials (such as images and text materials) to quickly and effectively attract new customers.
You can recommend forex traders directly to Capstone, use the online live account opening process to guide them to become Capstone customers, and explain the advantages of being a Capstone’s customer.


* for details of applying for Capstone’s IB and specific commission rebate, please consult online customer service or send email to info@fxcg.com

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Benefits of joining us as an introducing broker


Satety Of Customer Funds

Capstone segregates all its customers ' funds for the safety of their funds and keeps them in separate trust accounts with the world's top Banks, also owns 5 million additional professional indemnity insurance; Moreover, Capstone also has ASIC and global multinational supervision and authorization, so that the customers’ financial security has multiple security.

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Generous Bonus And Gifts

Capstone provides you with a variety of monthly bonus activities and gift promotions to attract more new customers to register trading accounts, so as to better assist customers to improve revenue and conversion rate; and both you and your customers can receive our additional gifts and generous bonus.

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Free Marketing Materials

We provide a wide range of promotional methods, including banner ads, links, current events, landing pages, ready-made web sites; And can easily for our IBs produce a cooperative program to meet your personal needs, these ads can be changed in all sizes and any language.

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Check Your Commission Anytime, Anywhere

Our IB rebate system using the most effective and transparent business model, to fully support partners and IBs to attract customers. For the convenience of the user's automatic commission mode, it enables the IBs to set up the personal payment plan more flexibly and automatically refund to the client. IB rebates and customer rebates are real-time payments and no additional processing fee is required.

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Competitive And Generous Commission

Capstone IB program provides unlimited commission for clients. You can get unlimited commission from your clients. As long as your clients keep trading, you can keep earning commissions from them. Because there is no limit, the commission you earn is entirely dependent on the trading volume of all your clients.


Dedicated Introducing Broker Manager

Our customer service manager will work closely with you to help customers get the maximum profit for the purpose, and our customer service manager engaged in the foreign exchange industry for many years, very experienced,Can provide you with a full range of better services, In order for you to take full advantage of all the resources we provide to you, to your customers.

How much commission will you get?

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Commission per lot(usd):


The total amount of commission($):


Just 3 steps, quickly become a Capstone’s IB

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Click here to register and submit personal information to complete the registration.

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Click here to log in the IB CRM and view the details of the personal IB account.

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Become Capstone’s IB to invite customers and get high commission.

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IB And Partners FAQ

1.What is the Capstone Forex Partners Program?

Capstone Forex Partners is the affiliate program of award winning forex broker, Capstone Forex. Partner with us as an affiliate or Introducing Broker for some of the most competitive and flexible relationships in the industry.

2.Are there any fees to join the partner program?

No, there are no fees to join Capstone Forex Partners. Signing up to become IB is fast, easy and absolutely free of charge.

3.Do I need to have a website to join Capstone Forex Partners?

While having your own website is one way to promote yourself as a partner, it is not the only way. We provide a selection of advertising material for you to promote through whichever online or even offline channel you choose for your business.

4.How can I attract leads and clients?

The promotional methods you use are entire up to you, and should fit in with your Introducing Broker business. We provide a selection of marketing materials and guidelines to get you started on our Capstone Forex Partners website.

5.How do I sign up as an IB?

Once you have decided that you’d like to sign up as an Introducing Broker, simply head to the Capstone Forex Partners home page and click the ‘Live Chat’ button, contact online support, help you opening IB account. Once your account has been opened, you will have access to your own tracking and marketing tools.

6.Where do I access promotional material such as banners and landing pages? ?

Your account manager will provide you with all of the customised landing pages, banners and help that you need to promote yourself alongside the respected Capstone forex brand.

7.When are my IB rebates paid?

IB rebates are paid the day after one of your referred clients closes a trade. For example, if the client closes their trade on Monday, the IB rebate would be paid on the Tuesday.

8.How can I withdraw my IB rebates?

Once your IB commissions have been transferred to your trading account, you can make a regular withdrawal from your client portal.

9.How can I withdraw my IB rebates?

Once your IB commissions have been transferred to your trading account, you can make a regular withdrawal from your client portal.

10.Where do I access my IB referral link?

You have to login to your IB client portal, click the person info tab and then the IB links. You will see 1 live account referrals .

11.Can I see the clients who have signed up under my IB referral link?

Yes, once you’ve logged into our secure client IB portal, as a Capstone Forex Partners IB, you will have full access to detailed reporting tools to analyse your current client list.

12.Can I refer another IB?

Yes, you are able to refer another IB that will sit underneath you and allow you to earn further rebates. Please speak to your account manager about setting up a tailored relationship to suit your own personal business needs.